Gothic 1: In search of Focus Stones

With a big number of Potions I got from Riordian, I ventured out to get the focus stones.

I decided to get the first focus stone, which is very near the New Camp. To go there, just take the elevating path to the left of the gate of the new camp. On nearing there, you will find Milten, who is looking to get a Talisman there, which is exactly where the focus stone is. He tells a long story and conclude that there is a Undead in there which cant be defeated with normal weapons and only an Destory Undead spell will kill him. He has that spell, but he dont have guts to do it himself, so he gave me the spell scroll and ask me to help him. Then we went inside, and destroyed the Undead in there and also we fought a number of Skeletons of various type. Finally, I got the focus stone and Milten got his Talisman.
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Then I went to the place where I first fought a Troll posted in "Gothic 1: Strength hit 100 and Troll Hunt", during my wild hunting sessions at the start of the game There Diego is waiting for me to help me with the Second Focus Stone. Once, when I came here the first time, I killed all the Goblins and the Troll itself. But, this time, when I am coming with Diego, the Troll is here, spawned from somewhere. I fought the Troll now, but this time I took with ease. Actually, the last time also, I took it with ease only, but I was a bit nervous. After the troll is killed, I tried activating the winch there, which opens the gate to the focus stone. But, the winch is jammed and Diego fixed it for me. Then, I opened the gate and got the second focus stone.

Very near to the troll's place, lies a mob of Rogues. They are literal Rogues and we have no mission with them. You can kill them, if you wish. But, now I just wanted to get all the focus stones, so I left this place.

Then, on my search for the third Focus Stone near the Old Ruined Monastery, I met gorn. He was also looking for something there. So, we decided to work together. There were a pack of wolves, we killed them together. Then, gorn took me to a underground path, where I found a number of Transformation scrolls. Then, we went up and there was a gate blocking the path. There were no way to open the door. There is a very small breakage at the bottom of the wall near the gate. You could say that the height of that hole is as the height of your knee. But, what I say is the height of that hole is as height of a MeatBug. If you check the transformation scrolls, you got down with Gorn, you will find that you had took some Meatbug Transformation Scrolls. You just use that scrolls, change into a Meatbug and go through the small crack in the wall. Inside is a winch, which opens the gate, thus allowing Gorn to come inside. Inside the gate also lies a pack of Snappers. With gorn's help, I took them all out. Then, I proceeded to the Tower of focus stone and took the third focus stone. Then, I came back and was surprised to see a Troll there. But, it was not a very big, hard to kill troll. It was just a Juvenile Troll. We killed it and then we got separated. Gorn went to New Camp and I went to get the fourth focus stone.

Then, I went to the mountain fort to find the fourth and final focus stone. There after crossing the bridge, guarded by Bridge Golem, I met Lester there. Together we killed all the beasts up there, which included many Harpies and some skeletons. In the fort, I found a deed which states that the fort and the surrounding territory belongs to the holder of the deed. I have no use with that and gave that to Lester. Then, I searched for the focus stone and found it in a distant platform, which cant be reached by any means. If you speak to Lester, he will tell something like a novice moves things by hands, but a master does the same with his mind. This is the clue to get the focus stone, which cant be reached by hand. You have to use Telekinesis spell and move it to the gap between that platform and where you are standing. Then, you stop the spell and it will fall down at the entrance to the fort. You go down and get it. Before leaving, inform to Lester that you got the focus and he will tell you that he would like to spend some time there, studying ancient books.
gothic, 1, game, focus, stone, search, mountain, fort, lester

Immeditely after speaking to Lester, I used the scroll and went to the Magicians of Water.


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