Gothic 1: Chromanin - Part 6 and Swamp Camp Raid

In the Chromanin cave, there is now a corpse of a man. Chromanin 6 is with that Corpse.

On opening the book, it doesnt have any text or nothing. Even the corpse had no special gifts. Opening the book spawned two Skeleton mages. I killed them and they too dont have anything special. I was expecting some big thing as a gift of solving this Chromanin riddle. But, there was none.

Chromanin Part 6 Map Location

Then, I went to swamp camp and killed most of the people there, including a few Baals. I leveled during the swamp camp raid and with the skill points I earned, I learned the Fifth Circle of Magic from Saturas.

Then, I went to the mountain Fort and informed Lester about all the things that happened in the Valley and told him to meet his friends at the regular meeting place.


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