Gothic 1: Chromanin - Part 2

According to Chromanin 1, Chromanin Part 2 is likely to be found in the highest place in the Valley, where you will get the full view of all the places in the mine.

There is a abandoned ancient building in the Orc Land, situated at top of a big Mountain. This is a important place in the later missions, where you have to meet a Orc Shaman here. In there, there is tower at the top of which Chromanin Part 2 lies. I post here a Screenshot of the tower where Chromanin Part 2 lies.
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Chromanin 2

Chromanin 2 Map Location

Then I went to the nearby Moutain Fort and fought the harpies there. On the way to that fort, I fought a Bridge Golem, which is guarding the bridge to that fort. Then, I went to swamp camp to go to the Orc Cemetry.

Chomanin 2 Text says
Page 1:
"Carried from the tides of time, Chromanin's visions have opened my eyes. No price could be high enough to ever renounce my faith in them, for it touched my heart too intensely".
Page 2: (Actual Clue to get Chromanin 3)
What is devided will be reunited, after being massively separated for a short time.

Explanation of Clue to Chromanin 2
What is devided (a river splits into to paths)
will be reunited (two paths join again)
after beigh massively separated for a short time.

With the explanation above, I hope this one not very tough to guess. Anyway, If you cant get it, see my next post on Chromanin to check where it is.


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