Gothic 1: Recapturing New Mine and Requirements of ULU-MULU

I went to Saturas Place. There Riordian welcomed me and told me that Gorn was waiting for me and also he has a plan to recapture the free mine.

Then I went and met Gorn. He is waiting for me on the way to Free Mine with some other Mercenaries. He told me that we must do a Stealth mission and capture the Free Mine. But, before going there, Gorn told me to go and meet Wolf in the new camp.

I went back to the new camp and met wolf there. He told me about a completely new type of armor made of minecrawler's plates. To create one, he wanted me to get some hard minecrawler plates, which is the hardest material in the valley. He also taught me how to cut those hard plates from the minecrawlers.

Then I went to the Free Mine with Gorn. In the free mine, I took the best two-handed sword, "Warrior's Voice", from Okyl's body. There, Jackal and other few guards were guarding the entrance to the free mine. I killed them and went into the New Mine.

In the Free Mine, there were nearly 20 to 30 guards. Me and Gorn killed them all and freed the free mine. Also, I killed all the minecrawlers I encountered and took the plates from them, which wolf asked. Then, at the far end of the mine I met an Orc Slave named Tarrok. It was hurt badly and very urgently needed its medicine, which it lost, whilte running here. I searched around a bit and found the Orc Medicine and gave it to the Orc. It thanked me and told me that if I brought the essential elements, it will make one ULU-MULU. The required material to create ULU-MULU are
Tongue of Fire Lizard
Horn of Shadow Beast
Teeth of Swampshark
Tooth of Big Troll

After all the heavy fights in the Free Mine, I went back to New Camp to relax myself. There, I informed Lee that the Free Mine had been recaptured.


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