Gothic 1: Everything upside down in Old Camp

Then, to speak to the Magicians of Circle of Fire, I proceeded to Old Camp. While going, I met Lee in the New Camp's Dam. He told me some big story about his past, when he was one of the best general of King Rhobar. After he finished his story, I bought Heavy Mercenary Armor from Lee and then proceeded to Old Camp.

Near the Old Camp, two bridge guards, guarding the small bridge starts to attack me. I already fought them and took their weapon. So, they hit me with their hand. I killed them and saw Milten standing outside the camp. He seemed very tensed and he says everyone is dead. Also, he is very afraid. I calmed him down and asked what happened. Here is what Milten told me:
The Old Mine caved in because of some accident down there and Gomez and his people attacked and killed every magician in Old Camp. But, Milten escaped from them and is now standing here. He itself dont have a clue of whats happening and told me to meet Diego near the other gate of the Camp.

Fletcher and some guards closed the Old Camp and is guarding that gate. I went and fought them. Apart from one guard in there, none of them have any weapon now. Because, I took all their weapons during my Old Camp raid. I killed them all and went and met Diego. After speaking to Diego only, I understood everything. What happened is:
The Old Mine caved in and Gomez became afraid that he will lose his position as the mine caved in. Becauase, Gomes the former Convict now rules the Valley, just because of his control over the Old Mine. Now, the mine itself is gone. So, Gomez planned to capture the Free Mine, which belonged to the New Camp. Corristo and the other magicians opposed this and so killed by Gomezs' people.

Diego wanted me to inform Gorn and Lester to come to the meeting point. Also, I wanted to inform Lee about the raid. But, I know that what ever I do, this raid cant be stopped. So, I was not in a hurry and happily fought Bloodwyn and the other guards at the other gate of the camp.


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