Gothic 1: Ur-Shak

To know more about the Orc Town, Xardas told me to meet an Orc Shaman in a ruined Old Citadel in the Orc Land. The Citadel is the place, where I took the Chromanin book - Part 2, as in this post.
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I went to the Citadel and found some Orc Warriors fighting with an Orc Shaman, which must be the Shaman I am looking for. So, I helped that shaman by killing the Orc Warriors. Surprisingly, that Orc Shaman named Ur-Shak spoke to me. I told me a small story about the Sleeper:
Orcs call the Sleeper as KRUSHAK. Long back five Orc Shamans built an underground temple for Sleeper and then gave heart to the Sleeper. But, Sleeper is very bad and cursed all those who built the temple. So, the Shamans who built the temple were cursed and they become something like Zombies, alive and dead at the same time.
Then, the Orcs at the Orc Town sealed the entrance to the temple of Sleeper. Now, the brothers of Ur-Shak are doing sacrifices for the Sleeper. Ur-Shak told other sacrifice is bad, so he is sent out into exile.
Then, I asked where this Orc Town is in the Valley. Ur-Shak marked the spot on my map, but warned me not to go there, because there are so many Orcs in the Orc Town. So, If I go there, I will surely be dead. But, I told that there must be some way to get into the Orc Town.
Ur-Shak told me about the ULU-MULU, which is a holy weapon of Orcs. If I wore this ULU-MULU, then the Orcs will respect me and wont attack. He told to meet his friend in Free Mine, to get ULU-MULU. Then, Ur-Shak gave me a talisman, which is an accessory with 20 fire protection.
Then I met Xardas and told me all the story about the Sleeper and its temple. He instructed me to find the way into the temple as soon as possible.


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