Gothic 1: Got all the focus stones

I am in new camp now with all the focus stones. I gave all the focus stones to Saturas. For each and every focus I gave to Saturas, I got 3500 experience. So, with the 14000 experience, I got from Saturas, I levelled up twice.

Saturas then thanked me for my great help and he continued that the Magicians in the Circle of Water are not powerful enough to control the massive amount of energies that will come out from the focus stones. So, he wanted me to convince Magicians of Fire to help them in this plan. But, the catch is they are living under Gomez and Gomez will be a ruler only until the barrier exists. So, Magicians of Fire surely wont accept this. Also, Saturas told me thats exactly why he wanted me to do the job. Also, he mentioned someone to ask for help, if everything fails. But, he refuse to give any details about that one and ordered me to win the Magicians of Fire and come. Also, he gave a rune to teleport here direclty, and told me to give it to Corristo, the highest member in the Circle of Fire.

Then, I went out and Riordian called me and gave me 20 potions, which included Health and Mana potions. Then, from Cronos, I got 1000 ore as reward.


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