Gothic 1: Old Mine and Minecrawler Queen

I went inside the closed gate of Old Mine, using the technique described in previous post. Then, I met Ian. He told me that there is a surprisingly large number of minecrawlers inside a cave and so he closed the gate to that cave. I told him to open that gate to search for the special secretion of Minecrawler mandibles, which car kolem told me. He told me, he cant because the gearwheel to open the gate is broken.
gothic, 1, game, gearwheel, lies, here
This is the Place where you will get the Gear Wheel

So, I searched the gate and found a gearwheel near a masher. I took it to Ian and he told me that I can now open the gate by fixing the gearwheel and telling Asghan, the guardian of the gate, that "Everything's gonna be fine".This is a secret code between Ian and Asghan, which refers to the permission to open the gate by Ian.

I went to Asghan and told him the secret code. He accepted to open the gate but only under a condition. He wanted to bring 3 templars for support to manage the minecrawlers that come out, when the gate is opened. I spoke to Gor Na Vid, Gor Na Kosh and other two named templars there and they came to the gate. Then, I opened the gate and we took out all the 7 to 8 minecrawlers there. Inside the cave, there was no light. So, I used the light scroll and proceeded. Inside is a big place with few minecrawlers here and there. Then, I found a narrow path, within which a Minecrawler Queen is situated.
gothic, 1, game, old, mine, minecrawler, crawler, queen, fight, kill, monster

Minecrawler Queen was not so hard to fight. I just killed it without taking any damage. I found a few eggs of the Queen in it and also some eggs are found scattered around the Queen. I took them all and went out and proceeded to Swamp Camp.


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