Gothic 1: Into Orc Cemetry

I went to Swamp Camp and met Talos there. He took me the place where that Orc Cemetry lies. But he refused to come inside. I crossed the bridge there and fought a few Biters and 3 Orcs there. Then, using the winch there, I opened the gate to the Orc Cemetry. Orc Cemetry is very dark with a number of Orc teeming inside. All the templars are found dead inside. Also, there are a number of dead mummies in the recesses of the walls. There are many number of potions found in those dead mummies.
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On proceeding inside, I found Baal Lukor fighting a number of Orcs. I ran and helped him by killing those Orcs. In a room there, there are three paths. On two of the paths, I found two halves of a Orcish Spell Scroll. I gave the two halves to Baal Lukor and he told me that the Spell works only at some specific place and not at all the places. Then, we went inside the third path. Inside is a big room with 5 Orc Warriors. We killed them all and in on walking through a place near a wall, Baal Lukor told me that he feels something magical there and told me to try to use that Orcish Spell Scroll.

On using the scroll, I went to the other side of the wall and activated the winch there, which opened the wall looking gate there. Guru Baal Lukor comes inside, and says that this must be the place that the Vision showed them. We proceeded in and we found a skeleton of some dead creature. Baal Lukot thought that that was the Sleeper and I killed it. He went mad and started attacking me. So, I killed him.
gothic, 1, game, orc, cemetry, baal, lukor, mad, fight, kill

Then, I went to Swamp Camp and reported to Cor Angar. He told something about the sleeper and asked me some Healing Herbs to wake up Y'Berion. I had some and gave him. He tried to heal Y'Berion, but in vein. Y'Berion was dead. Then, Cor Angar told me that Y'Berion placed all his hope upon the plan of Magicians of Water and give them the Almanac and Focus Stone.

I took the Almanac and focus stone from Car Kolem's chest, who also became mad and went with some templars to find Sleeper.


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