Gothic 1: ULU-MULU and Old Camp Raid Part 3

I found a big troll near the plain of Old Mine. I killed it and took its teeth. Then, I roamed around the forests and killed a Shadow Beast and took its horn. Then, I went into Old Camp by transforming into a Meat Bug and going through the small gap below the closed gate.

I killed all the diggers and guards in Old Camp, even inside the Castle. Then, I went to Swamp Camp and hunted down all the Swamp Sharks there and also took their teeth. Then to get the tongue of fire lizard, I went to the Ship Wreck near the Chromanin Cave. There were nearly 5 Fire Lizards, I killed them all and took their Tongues.

With the skill points I earned, I went to Saturas and learned the Thrid Circle of Magic. Then, I gave the minecrawler plates to Wolf. Then, I went back to Free Mine and gave all the four items to Tarrok(the orc slave). He created the ULU-MULU and gave it to me.

Now my level is 28 with 115 Strength. Here is a screenshot of my Stat Screen:
gothic, game, stat, screen, magician, water

Then, I learned fourth circle of Magic from Saturas also I got the High Robe of mages. Then, I fought Riordian who is standing behind Saturas and looted ALL HIS POTIONS, which included hundreds of healing, mana, speed potions and much more. Then, I spoke with Wolf. He finished the minecrawler armor and gave it to me.


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