Gothic 1: The Xardas

After learning all the details from Milten and Diego, I went to New Camp to inform Lee about the raid. I used the teleport to Magicians of Water rune and went to Saturas room. But, before going there, the Free Mine had been assaulted and captured by the guards of Old Mine. Everyone in New Camp was very upset about this incident and they were planning to somehow take back the Free Mine.

I went there are informed Saturas that all the Fire Mages were killed by Gomez. He was very shocked to hear that and he told me that the only way is to get help from the Thirteenth Magician, who leaded all the other mages in the creation of barrier. His name is XARDAS. He is having a secluded life in the middle of Orc Land, studying Dark Magic. All the informers sent to meet Xardas never returned. Three powerful Golems guard the path to Xardas's Tower. To defeat them, normal weapons cant be used and special magic of the gods should be used. Saturas told me to study the books in Library to know how to defeat the Golems.

Then, for the good deeds I had performed, Saturas accepted me as a Magician of Water and gave me the Magicians Robe. Now, I am free to learn the Circle of Magic. With the few skill point I had, I learned upto second Circle of Magic. Then, I informed Gorn to meet his friends in their usual meeting place.
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Then, I went into Orc Land to meet Xardas. I already killed two of the Xardas's Golam. This time I killed the fire Golem with the Ball Lightning magic scroll and entered into the Tower of Xardas. Inside the tower, I met a Fire Demon, which speaked to me through my mind. It told me that if I want to meet its master(obviously Xardas), I have to prove myself worthy, by passing a test. That Fire Golem wanted me to have victory over three Elements, Earth, Fire and Ice. I gave the heart of the three golems and it in turn gave me a Teleport rune, named Teleport to Necromancer. I used the rune and went to a room, where Xardas was there.
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I told Xardas about all the things that happened in the Valley, including the plan of Magician of Water. Xardas told me that the Ore Mound is not the solution and the only way to break the barrier lies deep inside the Orc Town.


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