Gothic 1: Chromanin - Part 3

Chromanin Part 2 says that Chromanin 3 lies near a river which gets reunited after being separated.

Watch the river in front of the Old Camp. It gets separated by a small narrow island on the the right of the bridge, guarded by the bridge guards. Chromanin Part 3 lies in that island.

Map Location of Chromanin 3

Chomanin 3 Text says
Page 1:
"Oh, Ancient Gods, How can it be that a man like me, simple and unworthy, may receive such a great legacy. I feel great fear to lose all of it again by a slight faliering in word or deed.".
Page 2: (Actual Clue to get Chromanin 3)
The wise fisherman occasionaly tries to get lucky on the other side of the lake.

Explanation of Clue to Chromanin 3
This Clue is very simple. It just openly says that Chromanin 4 lies on the side of a lake.

You must have guesses and searched very hard to come to this place. So, I am sure that you can, get next Chromanin with ease. But still if dont want to waste time in searching, see my next post to find where Chromanin Part 4 lies.


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