Gothic 1: Wild Hunting and Chromanin

Before going into Orc Cemetry, I planned to learn the level 1 of Two Handed Weapon Fighting Skill. So, I started a hunting session.

I remebered a underground cave full of skeletons, where I found a book named Chromanin. So, I went there. There is a tower near the wrecked ship, where there are a number of Fire Lizards. The other opening to that cave lies in the sea to the left side of Ship Wreck place. I went in there through the opening in cave opening in the sea. I fought a large number of different types of Skeletons there and found a Skeleton Mage there. I didnt fought that mage and let it to spawn more skeletons. I keep on killing the summoned skeletons and got much experience. I let the Mage to spawn skeletons for 4 times and then I got bored and killed the Skeleton Mage.
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Path to Chromanin Cave
Map Location of Chromanin 1

From the mage, I got a mystical Book, named, Chromanin, which is the first book in a series of 6 Books. Each Chromanin contains a clue to get the next book. But, the clue is very difficult to solve. For the first timer, it is almost impossible to find all the 6 books. Since, this is my second time playing the game, and know well about all the places in the map. So, I think I could find all the Chromanin books without much effort. I will let you know about the next versions of Chromanin, in the up coming posts, as and when I get them. Here is the map location of the underground Cave that leads you to Chromanin 1

With the skill points I got from the hunting, I learned the Two Handed Weapon Fighting Skill from Lee.

Chomanin 1 Text says
Page 1:
"He who is willing to recounce all depravity and wanders on the path of righteousness, shall know where the source of my power lies hidden. So that he might use it to break the chains of this world and prove worthy to receive Chromanin".
Page 2: (Actual Clue to get Chromanin 2)
The Wise One sees to having a general overview before he dedicates himself to his next mission.

Explanation of Clue to Chromanin 2
The Wise One(You, the Player) is to have a
general overview (an overall view of the valley)
before he dedicates himself to his next mission (before he starts to search for next Chromanin).

So, you have to get an overall view of the valley, which must obviously a highest point, likely at the center of the map. You search this point and get Chromanin 2, if you cant, then visit my next Chromanin post to see the map to that point.


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