RRT II: The Pixely Junction Railroad (PJR)

I played this scenario once with the following settings. But all the time, I got only
Game Map: The Pixely Express
Starting Year: 1850
Players: SaiYasodharan and two AI opponents
Company Name: Indian Railways
Financial Model: Expert
Industrial Model: Expert
Revenue Modifier: None for both
Difficulty Rating: 110%

The objective of Pixely Junction Railroad Scenario are as follows:
The Bronze Goal is to move at least 500 Loads of Cargo. This can include Passengers and Mail, By the end of 3 years.
The Silver Goal is to do the above and have a Lifetime profit of atleast $20 million.
The Gold Goal is to all the above and by the ONLY company left in the valley by the end of 3 years.

This is relatively small map than Heartland, but it is a great map. I was playing great and by 1975, I achieved the silver goal. After a year, in January, 1976, I merged up with the other two companies and hence achieved the final Gold Goal.

Some Screenshots:
railroad, tycoon, 2, scenario, pjr, gold, finish

Saved Files:


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