Last Chaos: Leveling after a Long Time and good PVP

I logged into Last Chaos, to level, after a long time. So, I went to Jail, and grinded there for a while. Then I saw a guy from ThePhoenix guild, which is in out KoS list. His name is ZAKNAFEIN and I rushed to him and started to attack. Immediately, he repelled and two hitted me down. Again, I tried to kill him, but in vein.

Then called LadyVi from my guild for help, but nothing happens, as he didnt come out from the safe zone for a long time. In the middle, a rogue tried to kill me and he did some good damage too. Immediately I swithced to my shield, stunned him and kicked his butt to mud... It was a nice PVP.

Then grinded for an hour and got some 10% increase in my xp. Have to grind more and level up fast today night.



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