AOE 2: Attila the Hun: The Scourge of God

Yesterday, I started Attila the Hun Campaign on hard difficulty level and completed the The Scourge of God mission.

On game start Bleda, the king of Huns challenges Attila for a contest. Some speeches goes on for a minute between Attila and Bleda. Then, Bleda betrays Attila, changes the diplomacy to Enemy. But Attila will be having some loyal followers. With their help, kill Bleda and all the remaining units and empire of Bleda becomes Attilas'. Make all your units to attack Bleda, so that the remaining unit of Bleda gets converted into Attilas' after Bleda is killed.

Then, I started building my Empire. My gameplay style is build a strong empire with defensive forts, then create a large army and raid other civilizations. In this game also, I started gathering resources at light speed with nearly 50 villagers and establised a defensive territory. Then, I created a big army of Skirmishers and Cavalry. Also, I created a dozen of Battering Rams to tear down the structures and four Monks to heal my Units.

There is an optional mission where Attila can go and discuss about alliance with Scythians. But I am not interested in that and raided Scythians first with my mighty Army. Scythians had a hell lot of watch tower. So, my units got killed one by one slowly and so I keep on training new Units and added them to my Army.

After defeating Scythians, I went to attack Western Roman Empire. They didnt have any Army to resist. Only they had poor watch towers. They got defeated in 5 minutes. Then I built 2 Docks and created some 10 ships, thinking of attacking the Persions using my Navy first. But, suddenly I was Victorious, still wondering why. I even didnt went into Persian land. Maybe my warships took out persian base without my knowledge.

Anyway, this game went well and it was easy too, even at hard difficulty setting

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Here is the saved files of this mission, saved at different times of gameplay


  1. It's the "scourge" not the "scourage" ...


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