Counter Strike Condition Zero

I now added Counter Strike Condition Zero to my gameplay list which already includes, Evil Dead Regeneration, Sins of a Solar Empire and Last Chaos. And I am not going to post anything about this game, as I done for the other games. Because, If you are a gamer and If you dont know counter strike already, then you are a noob.

I got Condition Zero from my friend. This is one of my favourite game and I played it before and completed all Tour of Duties in medium difficulty. Now, I started to play this game again at Hard difficult level and completed the Tour of Duty 1. This game is terriblyyy hard to play at Hard difficulty level. It took one whole day for me, just to complete 3 missions in the Tour of Duty 1. I am sure that I am not gonna complete all the Duties. But, I wont give up now, I will try my level best to finish them all.

More Later with screenshots


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