Game Plan

No No.. I am not gonna write about the movie Game Plan here. Just writing my thoughts of what to play next.

Evil Dead Regeneration is over and I am not going to play Sins of a Solar Empire anymore. It eats up too much time and I cant afford that much time for a single game. Also, my poor 80GB hard disk is full now. So, I have to clean up junks, make some free space and download some new games. Since, I havenot played my favourite genre, RPG for a while, I thought of playing Morrowind. But, I dont have that game now. Hope will find some torrent soon. Also, I have Gothic 1. But, I am not gonna play it again, as I already finised it two times. So, I go back to Last Chaos till I get Morrowind.

I played Oblivion a long back without any graphics card at the worst graphics settings. I completed only the main quests, because the game will lag like a** in my Computer. I am waiting to play Oblivion again as soon as I upgraded my system. So, till then, I play Morrowind.


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