AOE 2: Attila the Hun: The Great Ride

The main objective of this Mission is to defeat Rome. But, at the start we wont be having any base, to build our millitary upon. So, we have to raid small empires in the map to get resources to establish a base. Since, this is a raid, there is no need to tear down all the structures.

Getting resources from the small Empires is very easy and goes as follows.
First one is Sofia. On destroying the town center, it gives some food.
Next is Dyrrhachium who gives some troops. But, there is a catch. The troops are stationed near a Castle. So, you have to be quick enough to break the walls and get the troops out from there. I lost some of my horses, while breaking down the walls.
Next comes Thessalonica, who gives Villagers on destroying all the houses. But, I cant built my base, even after getting the villagers as the wood was 0. So, I continues my raid.
Then comes Adrianople with few monks and watch towers. Only the monks have to be killed and there is no need to go near the watch towers. Destroying their Mining Camp give some Gold.
Then, I met Scythian woman who promised me a reward on giving 6 Villagers to them. I skipped this mission now, as I cant afford 6 villagers now.
Then come the walls of mighty Rome, which cant even be touched at this time.
On crossing them, come the final one Naissus, who give the much needed wood, on destroying all their Lumber Camps.
Now I got all the resources and started building my base at the place of Thessalonica. While establishing my Empire, Rome sent a small army to my land two times. But, since I also got some small millitary, I defeated them with ease.

Then I built up my army as big as the population limit allowed me. Then went to fight Rome. A Screenshot of my army near the walls of Rome: attila,rome,aoe2,conquerors expansion,the great tide,marching,army,units,fight

Rome is well fortified with Walls, gates, and Watch Towers and it had a Castle too. With the help of my battering rams, I razed them to dust and finally defeated Rome.

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