Evil Dead: Journey into a Horror Land

Evil Dead: Regeneration follows a new storyline, but it has all the trappings of the movies so fans have nothing to fear. In the beginning of the game Ash is in a cabin, when all of a sudden a bunch of deadites show up and start tearing the place apart. What else is a wisecracking action hero to do but to start dishing out heaping helpings of hot lead? Ash wins the day, but to the authorities it doesn't look so heroic. To them, it looks like Ash went on a rampage and wasted a bunch of innocent people. So Ash is convicted of murder, but his insistence that the people he killed were possessed lands him in Sunny Meadows, an asylum for the criminally insane. Coincidentally, in the basement of that asylum, Dr. Vingo is carrying out all kinds of morbid experiments with the Necronomicon (the book that caused all this trouble in the first place). Eventually all hell breaks loose, and Ash is charged with the task of saving the world and defeating the twisted Dr. Vingo.

The gameplay mostly consists of hack and slash with small convieniantly placed puzzles. The player takes the role of Ash Williams as he fights off hordes of Deadites. The player can find different kinds of weapons in levels which find use in different situations. Early on in the game Ash receives his sidekick Sam who fights along with him in battle. Unlike other games where killing a friend ingame is taboo at best, Sam actually comically dies many times in the game. The player can kick Sam into openings to open doors or onto enemies to pop their heads off. The player can also possess Sam to get through a very small tunnel to open a door or a switch.

In contrast with previous games, the game automatically gives the player unlimited ammunition for his weapons and unlimited gas to his chainsaw.

A new gameplay element is rage mode. When the player kills most enemies it fills up his rage meter. When the rage meter is filled up to a decent amount it allows Ash to go into "rage mode". Rage mode transforms Ash into a powerful deadite killing machine. It instantly doubles all of Ash's weapon damage and makes him lose health slower.

Overall, Evil Dead is a nice horror mixed comedy action game...


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