Evil Dead: Creepy

This game is very fun to play. The combat is not like Point and Shoot, you click anywhere and Ash will automatically aim and shoot the nearest enemy and also you will have unlimited ammunition. So, I thought this game will be little bit boring.

But after an hour of play, I found this game very addictive. Because, on fighting the boss monsters like the Electric Deadite, you have to think strategically and implement your plan with perfect timing. Then only you can succeed.

Evil Dead Regeneration screenshots: Electric Deadite bossEvil Dead Regeneration screenshots:  Electric Deadite bossEvil Dead Regeneration screenshots:  Electric Deadite boss

And, you pal, half human and half deadite, Sam keeps the game interesting with his nooby speeches. Also, the game has some puzzles here and there. Overall, the game is good.

On start of the game, Ash wont be having any weapon. But will get a pistol soon. You have to play with this weapon for a while. Ash will be roaming in a dark haunted building at the start with some leaky electric flow on his path. Inside this haunted building, Ash will encounter laughing doors, furnitures, large number of bunch of deadites, an electric deadite(a boss monster). Also, Ash get his shotgun and the Chainsaw in here.

Evil Dead Regeneration screenshots: Fighting Deadites

Next after a small video comes your pal, Sam and now you are moved to the outer world. The funny thing is you can kick Sam on his butt to perform certain things. Sam will assist you in fights, solving puzzles and you can possess Sam and play as Sam. While playing as Sam, you can crawl through small tunnels, ride on deadites and more...

After roaming the horror land for a while, you will meet a big faced monster,Peeper which will block your path. The useless professor's spirit appears and tell you that Peeper will open your path, only when you give it some Spirits of a Egg. To do this, you have to find that eggs and cut it with your chainsaw. Sam will capture the Spirit and run towards the Peeper. But, on the way, many deadites appear and try to kill Sam. You have to save him and keep him safe till he reach the Peeper. Then you kick Sam into the Peeper's mouth. You have to repeat all these for all the 3 eggs. Then the Peeper opens his mouth and give you the way to go to another side.

Evil Dead Regeneration screenshots: Big Mouth Peeper

On going through the Peeper's mouth, you end up in a Catacomb, where you fight deadites and solve some mini puzzles and at last you meet a large Ugly lady boss. Fighting this boss was very thrilling and exciting and also little difficult, if you are not good at perfect timings.

Evil Dead Regeneration screenshots: Lady Boss

After killing that Lady Boss, you come to a forest. Here you get the ability to go to Rage Mode, where Ash become evil and get extra damage on his attacks and also he get more defense.

I played till this only, I think go back to Sins for a while...

More horrors soon


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